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Writing skills are critical to higher achievement in the classroom and beyond. Learning to write well means learning to think well. A student’s writing ability directly affects his or her performance in virtually every subject.

Not only are prose skills important for your child in high school courses and college admissions, but they will be a foundation for success throughout his or her life. In any profession, being able to communicate clearly and effectively is a powerful advantage. Strong writing skills can make the difference between followers and leaders—between game-watchers and game-changers.

We at TheWritingFaculty.com believe that good writers are not necessarily born; instead, they develop with intelligent guidance and lots of practice. Our program uses a process-oriented pedagogical approach. As countless educators and researchers have found, teaching writing as a process with several stages (rather than focusing solely on the product) makes students better writers. From brainstorming, discussing, and outlining to revising drafts and incorporating feedback, our expert instructors train students in each step of composition. Process-oriented instruction empowers students to take an active role in their own learning, and gives them critical tools that they’ll use long after their tutoring sessions have ended.

We’re poets and professors, practitioners and published authors, and above all else – we’re passionate about the craft of writing and the important role it plays in the world around us.

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