E-Learning Overview

“E-learning” is an umbrella term for instruction that happens with the help of a computer and online network. This category includes virtual classrooms, Web-based learning, computer-based learning, digital collaboration, and educational websites.

Ever since the 1960s, when Stanford University psychology professors used computers to teach math and reading to elementary school students, educators have been researching the effectiveness of computer-based pedagogy. Today, a growing number of high schools, colleges, and universities incorporate online instruction into their curricula.
Tapping the rich capacities of Internet-based software and reference materials, e-learning offers a dynamic range of possibilities—chief among them, to connect individuals over great distances and give students a gateway to first-rate instruction that would otherwise be unavailable.

E-Learning Resources & Organizations
TheWritingFaculty.com is a part of a growing network of organizations focused on improving student learning through web-based and distance-learning technologies. The sites below feature e-learning content, resources, and directories that we have found to be worthwhile.

  • The USDLA is a non-profit organization focused on distance learning research and development in the areas of education, training, and communications.

  •  The Sloan Consortium is a non-profit leadership organization focused on integrating online education into the mainstream of higher education. Originally funded by the Sloan foundation, they help institutions and educators improve the quality and breadth of online education.

  •  The eLearning Guild is a community organization for eLearning professionals that provides research, content, training, and conferences for its members. It publishes Learning Solutions Magazine, and its goal is to raise the quality of the entire eLearning industry.

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