How It Works

To provide you access to truly world class writing instructors, no matter where you live, we utilize an innovative Online Classroom that enables your child to connect with his or her instructor via the Internet.  Writing tutoring sessions in our Online Classroom are identical to face-to-face sessions held at your kitchen table: your child and his or her tutor can brainstorm ideas, sketch outlines together, improve sentence structure and grammar, and talk through and revise written drafts using a shared whiteboard and innovative voice technology that allows the tutor and your child to talk to one another through the lesson.  To better understand how our online writing tutoring works, we encourage you to take a moment to watch the video below:

As the video highlights, our Online Classroom replicates the face-to-face tutoring experience by providing each of the following functionalities:

Voice Communications: Using Skype software and headsets, your child and his or her instructor can talk freely about your child’s work, just as they would if they were meeting in person.

Document Sharing: The virtual classroom enables both your child and his or her instructor to upload writing samples, exercises, and other documents for discussion and review, thereby replicating the in-person learning environment.

Document Mark-Up: Using a shared whiteboard that creates a live interface on both computers, your child and his or her instructor can review documents and mark up drafts with notes, edits, and questions.

The Benefits of Online Writing Tutoring with TheWritingFaculty.com:

The Best Writing Instruction Available—Anywhere

Our vanguard program gives you access to the finest writing teachers in the country, no matter where you live. Thanks to our web-based learning platform, you don’t have to restrict yourself to locally available tutors; your child can work with the best in the United States. All of our tutors are at the top of their professions: some have master’s degrees or PhDs in writing and literature, and have taught advanced writing skills at the high school or college level; others are award-winning journalists and magazine writers. You want the best for your child—and we can deliver it.

Unparalleled Convenience and Safety

In an age of countless afterschool activities, parenting commitments, and professional obligations, convenience is key. With online tutoring, there’s no need to spend that extra hour (or two) shuttling your child back and forth to the library or learning center. You won’t have to worry about bad weather or last-minute scheduling conflicts. And you’ll have the security of knowing that your child is safe at home during his or her learning sessions.

Focused, Active Learning

Many students thrive in an online tutoring environment because they feel more comfortable working on the computer than they would in a face-to-face situation. Online tutoring can reduce social anxiety and remove distractions, allowing your child to focus more easily on the task at hand. Our tutoring platform also promotes collaborative, hands-on learning. Your tutor will ensure that your child is active and involved, using our shared whiteboard and interactive editing tools.

Use the Tools of the Future

A growing number of high schools, colleges, and universities incorporate online instruction into their curricula. Live, instructor-led distance learning is becoming integral to pedagogical approaches throughout secondary and higher education.

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