Grades 4-8

Components of Our Writing Programs
We believe that every student benefits from individualized attention. Our instructors tailor each writing course to your student’s specific needs, customizing lesson plans and assignments to fit his or her skill level, goals, and learning style. You can choose your preferred tutor from our team of exceptional instructors, all of whom have a wealth of teaching and writing experience. We offer:

  • One to One Instruction
  • Highly Experienced Tutors
  • At Home Convenience

Our programs for elementary and middle school students fall into four categories. To learn more about our staff in any discipline, please click the appropriate link to the right.

Academic Support
The most common area in which students need the support of a writing tutor is Academic Writing. Writing skills impact everything from English and history, to classes in the advanced sciences: biology, chemistry, and physics. All too many students have learned the hard way that it’s not sufficient to understand a concept. To be successful in school students must understand the concept and be able to prove that understanding through clear and detailed explanation or interpretation. Our exceptional writing instructors help students better organize and articulate ideas through the written word.

Admissions Assistance
For students working on admissions essays, our team of writing instructors can be a tremendous resource. Our Admissions Essay instructors draw on extensive experience with students navigating the admissions process.

Creative Writing
For students interested in the various forms of creative writing, our exceptional staff can develop personalized programs that address your particular interests and skill level. All of our creative writing instructors are writers themselves, and our team covers a broad spectrum of writing forms.

Unique Writing Programs
The programs in this category offer students exposure to various writing professions, like journalism, screenwriting, and writing for television. They also make for fun summer programs that will keep students intellectually engaged over the long summer break!