Private, One-on-One Screenwriting Classes

Our private screenwriting courses offer students the opportunity to explore the fundamental elements of screenwriting, including character, action, dialogue, and transition. Your child and his or her tutor may review classic and contemporary screenplays, both to evaluate the writer’s techniques and to inspire your child’s own creative process. Throughout the course, the instructor will offer feedback and encouragement as your child writes his or her own screenplay.

The screenwriting program has three main goals:

  1. Educate the student in the proper use of screenwriting devices like parentheticals, extensions, and shots.
  2. Teach the student to identify the qualities of a good screenplay and to incorporate these qualities into his or her own work.
  3. Help the student create one or more finished (production-ready) scripts.

A screenwriting class with a private instructor is a fantastic way to keep students intellectually engaged outside of school, either as an extraucurricular activity during the school year or over summer. A typical screenwriting program involves one, 60-90 minute session per week, with observation and writing assignments for the student to complete independently and discuss at the following session. In addition to short exercises targeting different elements of the craft, the student will begin drafting (and extensively revising) several short scripts or one long feature-length script. Because our writing instructors have professional screenwriting experience themselves, they’re able to guide your child through the complete process—from first draft to production. Your child’s tutor can also offer professional advice about breaking into the film industry.

Our Screenwriting Instructor:
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